Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Super Tips by IIT Professors to Crack JEE Mains + JEE Advance 2013

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JEE 2013 will be a Two-tier exam i.e. there would be JEE Mains and JEE advanced. IIT aspirants will have to appear for JEE Mains on 7th April ( offline) and then the Top 1.5 Lakh students of JEE Mains will give JEE Advance on 2nd June 2013. The Admission to IITs will be done through final constraint of Top 20 Percentile Rule

According to few IIT professors it’s right time for students to start their preparation. “It’s a two-stage exam. Students should not treat this as any other exam. Till now, students are used to writing the AIEEE. Paper I of JEE (Main) broadly seems to be on the AIEEE pattern. It’s very essential for candidates to get their basics right because only the top 1.5 lakh students will be allowed to write the JEE (Advanced),” says Tarun Kant, head, department of civil engineering, IIT Bombay.

According to Siddhartha Das, professor, department of metallurgical and materials engineering, IIT Kharagpur, “The best way to crack the new format is by preparing for the Class 12 exams seriously. If your fundamentals are in place and if you have studied for your board exams well, you will find it easier to crack it. Preparing for multiple choice questions also helps.”

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