Sunday, 8 July 2012

Most Important Topics for JEE Mains 2013 - (Syllabus JEE 2013) JEE Crack Series

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IIT-JEE has now turned into JEE Main + JEE Advance as decided during the meeting of MHRD and IIT Senates on 27th June. The meeting held was still unable to answer some more questions like Syllabus and Exact Examination pattern of JEE Main.

I would like to Share some of the Most Important Topics for JEE Main Examination based on the Previous Year Question papers of IIT-JEE and AIEEE.

JEE 2013 Main Syllabus + Important Topics ( Expected by FITJEE,Jaipur )

Modern PhysicsAldehydes & KetonesComplex Numbers
Electromagnetic InductionAlcohol Alkyl Halides &EtherTheory of Equations
ElectrostaticsGeneral Organic ChemistrySequences & Series
OpticsTransition Elements & Coordination CompoundsProbability
Heat & Thermodynamicss & p-block elementsMatrices & Determinants
WavesElectrochemistryApplication of Derivatives
Properties of MatterStates of MatterCircle
RotationBonding & Molecular StructureProperties of Triangles
General PhysicsHeat & ThermodynamicsVectors
MagneticsAmines Aniline & Nitro Compounds3-D Geometry
ChemistryChemical & Ionic EquilibriumFunctions
Aldehydes & KetonesSolutionsLimits
Alcohol Alkyl Halides &Ether
General Organic Chemistry
Transition Elements & Coordination Compounds
s & p-block elements
States of Matter
Bonding & Molecular Structure
Heat & Thermodynamics
Amines Aniline & Nitro Compounds
Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium

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